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Billing & Accounting

Nowadays in this fast-moving world, everything is technology-driven. Businesses have to adapt to newer technologies to sustain themselves in the market.
Thankfully we are equipped with the latest technology that is required to run modern-day businesses. With our designed solutions, you can raise invoices using our mobile application sitting anywhere around the world and send them to your customer via email, WhatsApp, etc.
Our automated accounting process reduces wastage of time and money in the collection, recording, and checking of accounting data. Get in touch with us now if you wish to implement an automated accounting process

What is billing and accounting?

In simple terms, billing refers to the process of raising and sending invoices to customers and requesting them to settle the dues. Invoices are documents that serve as a source of record-keeping for businesses and as a means of requesting payment from customers.

The importance of billing is as follows-

1. Acts as an inventory tracker
2. Helps in bookkeeping
3. Serves as evidence when necessary
4. Forms part of data collection
5. Helps businesses stay legally compliant

The billing process in accounting

1. Analysis and review of the information necessary for billing
2. Creating and generating an invoice
3. Dispatch of the ready invoice