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GST Returns

Reconciliation of GST returns and filing of accurate GST returns has always been a pain for every businessman.
We have designed our processes in such a way that data flow is managed in an automated process and all GST returns are filed in an efficient manner with less time and errors.
We offer various packages to fit every business’s needs and budget and special yearly packages for small and medium traders and enterprises. GST Returns filing packages start at just Rs. 5,000/- yearly. Get in touch with us now to get your GST returns filing package customized.

What is GST return filing?

Businesses registered under the GST must file a GST return monthly, quarterly, and annually, depending on the type of business. Here you need to provide details of sales or purchases of goods and services, as well as taxes that are collected and paid. The implementation of a comprehensive income tax system such as India’s GST has ensured that taxpayer services such as registration, returns and compliance are in range and perfectly aligned.

Who should file the GST returns?

GST Return filing in India is to be done by the following:

• A person having a valid GSTIN has to compulsorily file the GST returns.
• Also, a person whose annual turnover is crossing Rs. 20 lakh has to obtain a GST registration and file the GST returns mandatorily.
• In the cases of Special states, the limit for the annual turnover is Rs.10 lakh.

How to file the GST returns?
Instataxfiling is a leading business service platform in India that offers end-to-end GST services. We have helped hundreds of business owners to get GST registration, as well as file GST returns.
1. When GST return filing is outsourced to Instataxfiling a dedicated GST advisor is assigned to the business.
2. This dedicated advisor would reach out to you and collect the necessary information, prepare the GST returns and help in filing the GST returns.